Bidirectional tensile production line

Bidirectional tensile production line

Product Details

Product Profile:

The plastic film produced by bidirectional tensile technology has the following characteristics: Compared with the non-tensile film, the mechanical properties are significantly improved, the tensile strength is 3~5 times of the non-tensile film, the barrier performance is improved, the permeability of gas and water vapor is reduced, the optical properties, transparency and surface gloss are improved, the heat resistance, cold resistance and good dimensional stability ; Good thickness uniformity, small thickness deviation; achieve high degree of automation and high-speed production.

Product Features:

※ Mature mechanical Tensile design, all chain clips are driven

※ Adjustable tensile ratio (electric or manual adjustment)

※ With angle stretching (angle adjustable)

※ Fully automatic design, central integrated Monitoring

※ Unique online stretching for you to save more costs

Product usage:

※ One-way tensile field: PE breathable film, PP one-way battery diaphragm, PETG thermal shrinkage film

※ Bidirectional tensile field: PE battery diaphragm, PVDF Solar backplane film, PET, PC optical film, PP capacitor film

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