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How important is it to choose the flow film resin when making the flow film machine?
- 2019-04-08-

First of all, to introduce the meaning of the dirty film, the flow film is throughFlow Rolling Film MachineA kind of non-tensile, non-directional flat extrusion film produced by Melt Salivation, which has two ways of single layer salivation and multilayer coextrusion salivation. Compared with the blowing film, it is characterized by slow production speed, low output, polymer transparency, gloss, thickness uniformity and so on are very excellent.

But do we know the importance of resin selection when the flow film is made, and what kind of resin should we choose?

(1) The first is the choice of resin varieties

The choice of resin variety is the ability to make the source want the flow film basically. Resin to choose and modify the purpose of the most close to the variety, in order to save the use of additives added. Such as wear-resistant modification, resin should be the first to consider the selection of three small wear-resistant resin PA, POM, UHMWPE; again, such as uniform modification, resin should be the first to consider the choice of three small uniform resin PS, PMMA, PC.

(2) The second is the choice of resin grades

There are many producers in the production of flow film when the time is not very important to this. The same type of resin has different grades, its performance difference is very small, should choose and modify the purpose of the most close to the grade. Such as heat-resistant modified PP, can be selected in the thermal deformation temperature 100~140℃ PP grade range, we want to choose their own resistance to 140 ℃ PP grade, exactly like the PP-4012 of small Korean oil.

(3) Again is the choice of resin fluidity

This step of comparison of the abstraction, only to try the rear can actually experience, there is no clear standard. The viscosity of various plasticizing materials in the formulation should be close to ensure the processing fluidity. In order to reduce the viscosity gradient, the transition material should be added to the material with wide difference in viscosity. Such as PA66 toughening, flame retardant formula often added PA6 as the transition material, PA6 toughening, flame retardant formula often added HDPE as the transition material.

Different machining methods require different fluidity.

Different varieties of plastics have different fluidity. Since then, plastic has been divided into low-fluidity plastics, highly liquid plastics and illiquid plastics, exactly as follows:

Low fluidity plastic--PS, HIPS, ABS, PE, PP, PA and so on.

High fluidity plastic--PC, MPPO, PPS and so on.

Never liquid plastic-PTFE, UHMWPE, PPO and so on.

The same variety of plastics also have different fluidity, the main reason is the molecular weight, molecular chain distribution is different, so the same raw material is divided into different grades. Different processing methods require different fluidity, so the grade is divided into injection molding grade, extrusion grade, blow molding grade, calendering stage and so on.

Different modification purposes require different fluidity, such as high filling requirements for poor fluidity, such as magnetic plastics, filler materials, halogen-free flame retardant cable materials and so on.

(4) In the end, resin selectivity to additives

The literal meaning of the additive is, by definition, the catalyst that promotes the smooth shaping of the flow film. If PPS can not add lead and copper additives, the PC must not use antimony trioxide, these can lead to polymerization. In addition, the acid and alkaline additives, should be the same as the acid and alkaline resin, if the two will react, the consequences are very serious.

Flow film machine, can be used in the production of PE, CPE, EVA and other plastic film can also produce transparent film, embossing film (flower type can be in accordance with customer samples), light film and so on.

Flow film properties: At low temperature is not hard and brittle, in 45 ℃ high temperature never sticky, feel bad, light and non-toxic non-irritating odor, after use for high environmental pollution.

Film applications are common: can be used for sanitary products bottom film, such as sanitary napkins, diapers; daily necessities, such as disposable gloves, shoe covers, shower caps, sleeves, aprons, surgical clothing, cleaning clothes, tablecloth, umbrellas, shower curtains and so on. With lining film, packaging film and usually punching film bottom film and all kinds of film coil.


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