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What do I do when I encounter a failure when using a TPU runner?
- 2019-03-28-

In recent years, with the rapid development of machinery and equipment, our machinery and equipment in every industry, are developing very well, it is precisely because of this, the development of our machines, also got a certain prospect, TPUFlow delay MachineIs the same, so when using the flow extension machine, how to deal with the failure?

Usually because of these problems, it will form raw materials and hemp points, even thin and so on, such as the onset of the phenomenon. No matter what the enterprise is hoping for, in the process of using as it will not present any phenomenon. So in order to prevent the presentation of unnecessary losses and trouble, consumers and friends in the use of time must pay attention to some of the corresponding matters. The most important thing is, in order to prevent the onset of errors, in the use of the flow of the machine, early to pay attention to good.

1, adhere to the floor boring, close to the rolling machine equipment in the air can not have water stranded, in order to prevent seizures of leakage and electric shock and other conditions.

2, when the rolling machine starts, it is strictly forbidden for personnel in the course of operation to face the unknown mouth, to prevent high-temperature melt ejection injury.

3, if the demand to repair the rolling machine, the demand disconnect the power supply and then stop, stop the live operation. Similarly, non-technical personnel, may not disassemble the rolling machine without authorization.

The above is the TPU flow machine to introduce you in the use of the flow delay when the failure to deal with, if you need to know more information, welcome new and old customers to come to the consultation.

The development of technology so that our society has a lot of machinery can be used, is because of the use of these machinery, for our lives to provide a lot of mechanized products to use, then, in the use of machinery, are a variety of measures to carry out the rational operation of machinery, can have Better technology to carry out machinery and start work. TPU Flow delay machine is a kind of universal machinery, in the process of use, can carry out a better development process.

  TPU Flow Delay MachineUse is for the production of a variety of products to provide a considerable production process, for a variety of new products to provide a valid operation to achieve. So, in the use of the rolling machine, how to ensure that the machine's excellent operation process. One of these is that the machine before use to provide a detailed description of the operation of the machine, to know how the operation of the machine can be carried out, to ensure that the function of the machine can be a comprehensive understanding of the machine in the various operating procedures to carry out a more comprehensive understanding, Know more information to carry out the reasonable operation of the machine, to carry out a better production process. The second is the various measures of attention to this machine, to ensure that the machine can be better used, for this machine's attention measures, but also have more stringent measures, especially in the production process can not contaminate water on the machine or inside the machine, which will lead to new problems in the operation of the machine, Affect the normal operation of the machine, and may even cause problems, affecting the whole work. Finally, about the maintenance and maintenance work in the machine, it can be said that this is an important measure in the machine, to maintain the use of the machine period, for the use of the machine has a better development, for the machine's efficient production process to provide an effective space to achieve.

The use of TPU rolling machine is for the production of a variety of products to provide an enabling medium, no matter what kind of machine, in the process of use will have the role of implementing a variety of operations, to carry out a variety of products production and production. If there is no understanding of the TPU rolling machine This machine, you are welcome to consult this website.

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