• Flow Rolling Film Machine

    Flow Rolling Film MachineFlow film machine has superior heat sealing performance and excellent transparency, is one of the main packaging composite substrates, used Contact Now

  • Flow delay Machine

    Flow delay MachineThe flow extension machine refers to the special equipment used to make the flow film. Using alumina as the main raw material for ceramic flContact Now

  • TPU Flow Delay Machine

    TPU Flow Delay MachineProduct Description: TPU flow delay machine is mainly used in the production of TPU Hot Melt adhesive film, TPU Composite film, TPU high traContact Now

  • CPE Flow Delay Machine

    CPE Flow Delay MachineProduct Description: CPE flow delay machine is mainly used in the field of flexible packaging, can produce high-quality multi-layer coextrusContact Now

  • Flow film equipment Manufacturers

    Flow film equipment ManufacturersFlow film Equipment Manufacturers Brief introduction: This machine group is the Poly B krill (PE) and EVA limb mixture material burst line pContact Now

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