Leaching Film Composite Machine

Leaching Film Composite Machine

Product Details

Mold Width: 800-4500mm

Screw long diameter ratio: 28:1-36:1

Line speed: 2-250m/min (depending on product type and material process)

Installed power: 95-320kw (depending on product type and material process)

Finished product width: 600-3300mm

Film Thickness: 0.01-2mm (depending on product type and material process)

Leaching film Yield: 90-350kg/h

Description: This series group contains many different areas ofLeaching Film Composite Machine, Can achieve non-woven fabrics, paper, film, film, dipping cloth, synthetic materials and other materials of single, double-sided film and double-layer, three layers of material film composite. Widely used in food, packaging, advertising, household goods, nursing, medical and building materials and other fields of product production.

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